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Stainless Steel and Caron Steel and Alloy Customied Fabrication Piping Systems
Homestead Valve
Mosser AWWA butterfly valve, ECC plug valves


C & B specializes in providing ductile iron pipe, flange and mechanical joint fittings and ductile iron fabricated pipe for the Waterworks Industry. We can provide ductile pipe and fittings with Cement Lining, Protecto 401 Ceramic Epoxy Lining or lass Lining.
Manufacturers of A.W.W.A. Valves
American RD, Clow Valve, Kennedy Valve, M and H Valve, Pacific States Pipe Co.
Tyler Union
Manufactures of Quality A.W.W.A. Products
Victaulic Company of America
Grooves, piping systems and valves
Proco Products
Piping/Ducting systems, expansion joints and rubber check valves
Pacific States Pipe
PSCIPCO offers a full line of Ductile Iron Pipe. From Push-on, Boltless Restraint, to Mechanical Joint
Romac Industries
Couplings, flange coupling adapter, sadles, tapping sleeves, flexi-joints
KF Industries
Wafer, tareaded, flanges, pistion and ball check valves
Stainless steel flexible metal bellows and expansion joints
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