Veteran Owned Small Business

Fax: (714) 372-3177

Manufacturers Rep

Inplant Sales, LLC. Serving California, Arizona, Southern Nevada, and Hawaii

Providing Piping Materials and Valves for Water, Wastewater and Power Infrastructure

Manufacturers Representative and Distributor

Manufacturers Rep For:

Homestead Valve

Awwa Butterfly, Ecc. Plugs and Lubricated Plug Valves.

Distributors For:

Apollo Valve

Ball, Butterfly, Gates, Globes, and Check Valves
Backflow Preventers


Air Release and Air Vac Valves


Stainless Steel Flexible Metal Bellows and Expansion joints

Mcwane Pipe

Ductile Iron Pipe Awwa, Tyton Joint, Mj, Tr Flex, Push On

Mcwane Valve

Awwa Gate, Ecc. Plugs, Check, Butterfly Valves Hydrants. Clow, Kennedy, M&H 

Proco Products

Rubber Expansion Joints and Check Valves

Romac Coupling

Sleeve Couplings , Flange Adapters

Smith Blair

Sleeve Coupling, Flange Adapters

Star Pipe Products

Awwa Iron Flanged, MJ, Push on Fittings and Restraints


Waterworks Specialty Products

Tyler Union

Awwa Iron Flanged, MJ, Push on Fittings and Restrainta

US Pipe Fabrication

DI and CS Pipe Fabrication and Linings (Glass, 401,
Cement, etc.)

US Pipe

Awwa DI Pipe and Fittings, Tyton Joint, MJ, Push on, TR Flex

Victaulic Company

Grooved end Fittings, Valves for CS, SS, DI